To enter the  Russian Federation all foreign participants should get a visa, covering the duration of the stay in the country.
Tourist visa can be issued for the period which covers the days of the conference. The prolongation is not possible.
Tourist visa is enough to attend the conference. The procedure of issuing tourist visa invitation is easy and takes one or two days.

The price for tourist visa support is included in the registration fee. All requests for visa obtaining must be received not later than 5 June, 2006.

To obtain the Tourist Visa support to the Russian Federation you should submit the corresponding request during the online registration. Monomax will send you the tourist visa invitation letter/voucher. The applicant presents  it together with visa application form correctly filled in and photos to the Russian Consulate or Embassy in the country of application. The procedure of visa application varies from country to country and could take more than 2 weeks. We recommend to start it as soon as you know about your participation in the conference. 

Please, be advised that in order to obtain the visa your passport must be valid for at least 3 months after the proposed date. 

Migration card

All foreign citizens arriving in Russia have to complete a migration card given at the customs. Please, fill it in carefully and keep safe until you leave the country.


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